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Hi there. I'm Ryan. I am a Software Developer in Brisbane, Australia. After recognising that I could turn my "geekiness" and passion for technology into a career, I jumped head first into web and software development and I have never been happier. Technology has immeasurable potential for connecting, empowering and improving our world - and I am so proud to be a part of that!

Check out my recent projects below and feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat, collaborate or if you feel that I'd be a good fit for your team. Thank you for stopping by!


How I add value


I am a natural troubleshooter, gaining great satisfaction from solving even the smallest problem. Unsurprisingly, I have found my true passion in development. I enjoy utilising all manner of technologies to find the best possible solutions, ensuring that they provide accessible and enjoyable experiences.


I am fascinated by design thinking and I thoroughly enjoy crafting interactive and appealing interfaces for diverse audiences. Principles of colour, animation and UX/UI all have a part to play and I find balancing these exciting. I am an unabashed obsessive of all things symmetrical and complementary!

Sales & Service

I am proud of my extensive service, sales and support experience. This has enabled me to become a genuinely 'people-first' professional, able to anticipate and empathise with the needs of diverse stakeholders. Remarkably, this means I am that tech team member that can actually talk to clients!


My latest projects
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Web Development & Design

My Portfolio Website

This portfolio website was built by me, from scratch. I wanted to build something that reflected my progress as a developer, with a little of my personal style. There are several techniques used on elements within, but I wanted to keep them relatively subtle. I am looking forward to building upon this foundation as my skills and knowledge grow.

Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Animate on Scroll library (AOS), deployed on Netlify

Live Project
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Two Sided Marketplace

The Dreaming Collective

This two-sided Ruby On Rails indigenous art marketplace has truly been a passion project for me. The mission statement says it all: "The Dreaming Collective exists to provide a direct marketplace in which indigenous artists can sell their work free from concerns about exploitation and misrepresentation. It is also designed to provide their customers with an wholly ethical way to purchase their art and support the communities from which it originates."

Tech: HTML, Sass, Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, Stripe, deployed on Heroku

Live Project
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'Freelanciful' freelance client dashboard
Personal Web Application

'Freelanciful' - Freelance Client Dashboard

With a global pandemic causing people to be out of work (even tech professionals), freelancing has become more of an option for many to make ends meet. My idea was to practice my skills in React and emerging awareness of Redux to create a dashboard for tracking the details and outstanding balances for freelance clients. You can add and edit clients and even change settings to not allow editing of balances in these forms. A great experience in the robust nature of front end libraries!

Tech: React, Redux, Bootstrap, Firestore, authentication and deployment via Firebase

Live Project
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Personal Web Application

'Pickture' - HD Photo Finder

Pexels is one of my favourite resources for free, high quality photos for my projects. I wanted to create an application to emulate the search functionality, ability to download an image and also visit the photographer's profile. I used the Pexels API to access this data and also practice my ES6 JS skills. This was a very enjoyable project with a rewarding visual payoff.

Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Pexels API, deployed on GitHub Pages

Live Project
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Recent professional journey
  • Coder Academy

    As one of three National Student Enrolment Advisors, my primary functions are to provide career guidance, educational advice and sales support to Coder Academy’s prospective and current students. I am proud to empower a diverse range of people to change their lives with industry leading technical training.

  • Data#3

    Internship: Within a team of software licensing Software Licensing Support Representatives, I worked closely with an Account Executive as the primary source of client support. I worked with clients including Local Government and Universities. My role was to ensure their enquiries for pricing and further support were organised and delivered in a timely manner.

  • Apple

    As a Specialist on the Product sales floor, I was responsible for delivering Apple’s iconic level of service and sales support. I was promoted to Store Mobile Connections Coordinator that saw me dealing with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone personal & commercial connections.


Let's do great things together!
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